doom doom doom (faeriestarrx) wrote in curvycutees,
doom doom doom

Am I a HOTTiE?

Name:: nichole starr.
Nickname:: starr. niki.
Birth Date:: 09-05-84
Age:: twenty.
Sex:: femme.
Location:: southeast georgia.
Hobbies:: photography. watching boys spin records. computer nerd.
How did you hear about curvycutees? from another comm... i think.

Music:: industrial. techno. hardhouse. indie rock. metal. jazz. emo. old-school hardcore punk. 80s synth-pop.
Band(s):: bjork. radiohead. the promise ring. bad brains. the clash. kidney thieves. aphex twin. vnv nation. paul oakenfold. nin. berlin.
Song(s):: golden brown by the stranglers. metro by berlin.
Movie(s):: nightmare before xmas. city of god. american history x. requiem for a dream. empire records.
Actor(s):: edward norton. johnny depp.
Actress(es):: christina ricci. angelina jolie.
TV Show(s):: adult swim.


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